No to paying for Whatsapp

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The Lebanese Government decided to put taxes in order to use whatsapp beginning of January 1 2020, which I am sure a lot of you know about, the reason for me writing this petition is because this is enough. 
Lebanon has been tortured for years and has been through a lot especially recently the wildfires  destroyed our beloved trees and the only solution that came up was taxing whatsapp in order to increase the revenue in 2020.

With all due respect, but this is unacceptable. I am in no place to judge nor decide on what to do, however, I am sure that there is more than 10 ways that just crossed my mind while writing this on how we could make Lebanon a better place and how to increase the revenue without having to put fees/taxed to a FREE platform that is offering FREE messages for everyone around the world, yet somehow, we want to add a fee to that.

Because the Dollar crisis, the wildfires, the gas, the bread! was not enough, now it's about whatsapp.

Let me tell you a small experience about living in Europe and how they make small changes that not only helps the nature but also helps the revenue in order to make the country a better place.

1) Plastic bags, they charge you a very small fee for a plastic bag every time you want to buy from a supermarket, despite it being small, people are saving their plastic bags to save nature and to save money.
2) Public Governmental transportation. This does not only save the nature in a very positive impact but it also can increase the revenue in Lebanon by a lot and save people from traffic and Pollution in the air.

and even tho those are just 2 solutions for now because I won't go through everything, this is more than enough to make a big change in Lebanon.

Please help me spread the word, this is not acceptable, we have been accepting everything but this is just a lot to handle. God knows what will come next.