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Fight against corrupt & malafide practices of unethical doctors. Complaint letter to MCI

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"Good doctors understand responsibility  better than privelages and practice accountability better than business " said somebody, which is an old adage for this noble profession and not at all relevant to this profession these days. This profession has been brought to disrepute by few corrupt, unethical, complete business minded, criminal elements in this noble profession and has to be strongly dealt with strict and iron hands for the betterment of our society at large. 

Recently, this fraternity was in news for their strike in Karnataka against the KPME bill brought in to regulate this  faction from unethical practises by the Government of Karnataka.  All doctors in private establishments went on to strike,closing the OPD wards completely, due to this strike many ailing patients lost their life. These incidents vindicates the callous attitude by some doctors towards their responsibilities to the society. Finally, the bill was tabled with modifications /dilution and they had their way out & won in their fight. The common poor man, lost this fight and people who lost their life due to their strike, for them the loss is irreversible.

One more incident which recently came up in newspapers is completely shocking and opens up a big can of worms the system is inundated with. I am talking about the recent Income Tax raids conducted at one of the Hospital/Fertility centre and diagnostic centres in Bangalore. The huge cash piles found during the raids speaks  volumes of malice existing in this system. For reference attaching the link of the article 

I-T unearths doctor-medical centre nexus in Bengaluru; Rs 100 crore black money detected -

This article mentions the unholy nexus doctors have with diagnostic centres and pharmaceutical companies. 

A patient going to a doctor places his utmost faith and trust in him and these few unethical elements, forgetting their oath which they took while taking up this noble profession ,cheats( I should say robs) him of his hard earned money by prescribing him unnecessary tests for a cut /commission. They treat him less patient and more to be a money churner for them. There are many instances like these reported in the newspapers in the past too, but nothing has been done so far to bring accountablity in this system. These malpractises are a criminal offence and has to be brought to books/logical end by  dealing it with iron hands by our authorities like MCI/KMC.

Dear fellow citizens and friends, It is better to be late than never and let us all wake up for a strong cause and fight against these few corrupt elements of the society for our own better, reasonable and ethical health care system in our country. One man alone cannot fight this corruption brindled system, all alone , but all of us together we can bring in a big change for a better tomorrow.

Please support my complaint which I am making and i call upon the President - Medical Council of India, CVC- Medical Council of India, Hon'ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, and President - Karnataka Medical Council to register this complaint about  malafide practises exisiting in this system by taking cognizance of the articles which appeared in all the national newspapers and collate evidence against these anti social elements to bring them to books as per the law. We invoke the jurisdiction of this Hon'ble  authority to register this complaint by all of us, party to this petition by signature, as per law.

We humbly request the above authorities to investigate this matter having a national importance thoroughly and help us by bringing in guidelines and their implementation to stop such malpractices, endangering the life of a common man in future , in the interest of equity and justice. 

We would eagerly await for your reply and action taken in this regard. 

Thanking you,


Praveen Gopinathan.


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