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Globally 26 million tons of plastic packaging pollutes our oceans. At this rate by 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the global oceans.

An estimated 100 billion plastic bags are thrown away by Americans annually and with a student population of an estimated 55,000 and growing FIU is accountable for about 16 million thrown out single use plastic bags. 

I can admit that I have used, without thinking twice, tons of plastic in my lifetime- its easy and you don't even think about it because its so normalized in our society.

Giving up plastic utensils, straws, and bags may seem like an infeasible feat but replacements like bamboo utensils or recycled paper packaging are already familiar to us in a way that we can easily transition to.

The city of Coral Gables has just become the first city in Florida to ban single use plastic bags. Banning all single use plastics can be done. 

These changes seem like a small price to pay when you think about the insane amount of trash that collects in Miami's waterways and beaches and of all of the marine life and plants that call them home.