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Fund Peer-Led-Team-Learning

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Peer-Led-Team-Learning, better known as workshop, is an innovative, and highly effective model for undergraduate STEM education that was pioneered at City College.

It was first introduced in the early 1990’s. At the time 45% of students passed General Chemistry with a C or better. After its introduction the percentage of students obtaining a C or better jumped to 62%. That is an amazing 37% increase that anyone can appreciate! Because of this massive impact Peer-Led-Team-Learning, PLTL, was permanently incorporated into the Chemistry 103 and 104 courses at City College and since then all students have had workshop.

But PLTL has not been funded for the Fall 2013 academic term. 

Please help us get funding back by petitioning President Coico, the president of City College.

We understand that in a difficult fiscal environment decisions about how to use a limited amount of money must be made. But in such an environment it becomes even more important that we pare away what is not effective and continue to do what works, and clearly, PLTL works.

Not only does PLTL work, but it is inexpensive at an estimated cost of $75 per student taking the course. According to City College Office of Finance and Administration the college expects to spend $12,204 per full time enrolled student in fiscal year 2013. Adding the cost of funding PLTL to this figure gives $12,279 per full time student enrolled in the course. The cost of PLTL therefore represents a 0.006% increase in cost per full time student enrolled in general chemistry with a return of 37% more of these students succeeding in the course.

PLTL works. It is inexpensive and perhaps most profoundly PLTL accomplishes this by greatly increasing student engagement with the course material and with other students. This is especially important since increasing student engagement is one of your stated goals as well as the college’s.

In the final analysis it is clear that PLTL must be funded. It substantially improves student success rates. In short, it works. It is relatively inexpensive, especially after considering its impact on outcomes. And finally PLTL increases student engagement.

Please help us get funding for the PLTL program.

Thank you for your time!

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