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President Lee Pelton of Emerson College: Pay Emerson College security guards the back-wages they are owed.

EMERSON COLLEGE: Pay your workers what they’re owed.

In July of 2012 Emerson College security guards suffered a grave injustice from a large pay cut. These Emerson employees’ wages were slashed down to $10.50 an hour--resulting in a wage cut of up to 33% after years of dedicated service to the Emerson community. For five months Emerson P.R.I.D.E, a student-labor organization, successfully pressured Emerson’s administration into requiring Securitas (a security contractor) to restore their employees’ wages. While this was an important victory, the security guards are still owed back wages--the balance cut from wages earned in those five months.
This wage cut was fundamentally abusive and exploitative, and makes a mockery of the important role these Emerson Workers play in making the College a safe learning environment. Emerson College professes its commitment to civic engagement and responsible citizenship in public, but marginalizes and exploits its own in private. Emerson College must correct its past abuses and provide its security guards with the back wages that they are entitled.

By signing this petition to restore the employees’ back wages, you will help Emerson PRIDE hold the Academy accountable for creating a just work environment.

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    M. Lee Pelton

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