“Raise High” and together for a safe on-campus return for GWU students in the spring

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The George Washington University has officially made the decision to continue virtual instruction for the spring semester of the 2020/21 year. It can be argued that this decision was made prematurely with the chance of a lot changing within the next few months in the battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Countless universities across the country have successfully implemented an on-campus experience with students and staff following social distancing protocol and other COVID-19 safety regulations. Many students at The George Washington University were disappointed with the lack of effort and initiative in attempting to create an on-campus return plan for the spring semester.

With a well-articulated return plan and mutual responsibility, respect, and effort between the students and staff at GW, the student body is confident that we can return to campus for the spring semester. The university has the resources and faculty to be able to test and quarantine students and staff when facing COVID-19. The students and signees of this petition ask President LeBlanc and the board to review the decision for the spring semester and have the will to put the work and effort in for an on-campus return. At the very least, for freshman. As GWU students, we are prepared to “Raise High!” by working together and following safety guidelines for a safe and successful return to an on-campus experience in Washington, DC.

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