A Change in the University of Richmond Men's Basketball Program Leadership

A Change in the University of Richmond Men's Basketball Program Leadership

March 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aaron Barnes

We, the undersigned supporters of the University of Richmond men’s basketball program, desire a change in program leadership.

The program is woven into the fiber of the University of Richmond’s history. Its past successes helped make the Spiders’ nickname known around the country and provided branding and exposure opportunities for the university that never would have existed otherwise. They invigorated alumni worldwide, spurred interest from new potential students, prompted financial contributions to the university and generated pride in all associated with it.  It is beyond time to restore glory to the Giant Killers.

The results produced by the current leadership speak for themselves. During the past 17 years, Richmond:

  • has won only 56% of its games;
  • has finished, on average, in seventh place in the Atlantic 10 during the regular season;
  • has failed to win a regular-season championship;
  • has advanced to the semifinals of the Atlantic 10 conference tournament only three times;
  • has won the conference tournament just once;
  • has compiled a 7-22 record against its primary rival, VCU, with 14 double-digit losses;
  • has advanced to the NCAA tournament only twice (and not since 2011); and
  • has established itself as the only program from a multi-bid conference that has retained its head coach for a decade without an NCAA appearance;

In the ten plus years since its last trip to the NCAA tournament, the University and its fans have invested:

  • $17 million for the renovation of the Robins Center, transforming it into one of the top arenas in the A-10;
  • $15 million for the construction of the Queally Athletics Center; and
  • $13 million in salary for the head coach.

With the impressive new and updated facilities, the backing of a world-class university, significant financial resources, and its Giant Killing tradition, the program is well-positioned not only to compete for regular season and conference tournament championships but to win them.

For these reasons, we implore you to make a change in program leadership.

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Signatures: 325Next Goal: 500
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