Allow sports and extra-curricular activities at TCNJ for the fall of 2020.

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Ariana Jones
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President Foster recently released an email stating that due to COVID-19, TCNJ will "cancel or require a virtual solution for any high human density, high in-person contact activity. This applies to meetings, business and social events, club and organization activities, recreation and athletics (varsity, intramural, and club), and extra-curricular performance activities (e.g., music, theater)" for the fall of 2020. I've heard about a lot of disappointment surrounding this statement. I'm writing this petition in hopes of returning sports, extra-curricular performance activities, and possibly clubs. These are all very significant pieces of a college experience. Many guidelines can and should be put into place without having to cancel all of these things. The NCAA has allowed the return to play along with other associations to include Major League Soccer, US Youth Soccer, high school sports, Major League Baseball, and the National Women's Soccer League. All of these are being implemented with appropriate safety precautions. As a college athlete, I believe that it should be the players' decision as to whether or not they want to put themselves in the position to participate in their sport regardless of the risk. I currently play club soccer and we were given a waiver to sign to be able to return to play. We will be playing games beginning July 6th. I strongly believe that it should be the same for college sports and extra-curricular performance activities. We can create limits on the attendance of games and performances, take temperatures before practices and rehearsals, along with many other guidelines. I'm sure that the students of TCNJ would much rather follow these guidelines and sign a waiver than have their sports or extra-curricular performances canceled. Please consider signing this petition, as it would greatly benefit the TCNJ community.