Stop the killing of community leaders in Colombia

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So far this year, well over one hundred community activists and leaders have been brutally killed throughout Colombia, presumably by illegal armed and paramilitary groups, this despite the historic peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the FARC guerrilla group.  Many of the victims are campesinos, Afro-Colombians, indigenous people, demilitarized FARC members, human rights activists and local political representatives.  In 2018, one community leader has been murdered about every three days.  The perpetrators of these crimes remain free and unidentified.  

Following the heated presidential election of June of this year, and the election of Iván Duque from the right-wing Partido Centro Democrático party, a party affiliated with former Pres. Álvaro Uribe, over leftist candidate Gustavo Petro, a notable rise in threats and assassinations have been documented in small towns and rural areas throughout the country.  The response from the government has been mostly silence and inaction.  

How many more civilians must die?