President Joseph R. Biden - RE-ESTABLISH the United States Civilian Conservation Corps

President Joseph R. Biden - RE-ESTABLISH the United States Civilian Conservation Corps

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Dear President Joseph R. Biden,

Want to save Humanity and our Earth from extinction?

Here is an answer to save this small blue planet!

Re-establish the all public sector 21st Century US Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program that changed lives and our landscape forever.  The largest environmental effort of any government.  The CCC program has been echoed in debate throughout the years since 1942. 

During the Great Depression, the Roosevelt Administration introduced large scale federal work relief programs that built our national infrastructure that now are in need of repair.  Currently with the World Pandemic and wavering Economy, our U.S. Government needs to INVEST and INJECT our taxpayers money to  benefit our most precious Human and Natural Resource Capital and revisit our social safety net. 

President Biden, the 21st Century CCC program will now be co-ed and not racially segregated.

This alternative National Service, with no military training, will annually enroll 300,000  single young military aged American Adults, plus employ 500,000 certified teachers, professional government supervisory and military cadre in over 1400 camps on our 600 million acres of federal Public Lands and Waters world wide.  (Annually - 55% of the enrolled would be from rural communities. They would include 10%  from our First Nations, and  another 10% from our Veterans.). As in the New Deal CCC, enrollees will be required to register to vote and vote.  Send 83% of their monthly pay in allotments home or save it in escrow.  

The CCC is a Noble Cause that will build TRUST and UNITY in our Democracy!

Finally, the World will observe the US Government's action in the administration and training of unskilled enrollees in the CCC program.  Enrollees will have fun, travel and adventure as they learn the Work and Conservation Ethic!  They will become future leaders and Stewards of the Earth in rural America in the Great Outdoors. 

The United Nations, FDR's last political initiative, could then develop a UN CCC Agency to implement the CCC template world wide! Creating true world peace with our youth in a Noble Cause performing a common mission in the Conservation of our Natural Resources, with fun, travel, and adventure!   

So let's Build Back Better!

Respectfully yours,

Honorable Jay D. Alexander

President of Civilian Conservation Corps Initiative, Inc

Lealman Special Fire District Commission, Seat 3

St Peterburg, FL

Civilian Conservation Corps Initiative was founded in 2010 is a non partisan non-profit 501(c) 4.

Website at 

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[ Organizations please endorse CCC legislation in Congress! ]

Contact your Federal Delegation.


FMI at and 

Phone the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  Link into your Congress or Senate office and give your short message with the legislative staff to support bills in the House and Senate to reestablish the CCC.

Then ask them for a written response by mail or email. 

In the 116th Congress  bills where introduced by Representative Marcy Kaptur OH-9, Senator Ron Wyden OR, Senator Dick Durbin IL, and bills are still being written for the 117th Session.

All of these bills will be most likely be reintroduced for the reestablishment of the CCC!

If you want me on the call let me help at

Please look on our website and Facebook group page as bills are introduced!

***************** Observations ****************

"I propose to create a civilian conservation corps
to be used in forestry, the prevention of soil erosion, 
flood control and similar projects . . . 
More important, however, than the material gains
from their labors will be the moral and spiritual value of such work." 
  FDR's message to the Emergency Session of the 73rd Congress on March 21, 193

"I want generations that follow to see that we used this moment to encourage a
21st century civilian conservation corps for our young people."
President Obama's address at the160th Anniversary of the Department of the Interior on March 3, 2009

“Whatever your life's work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better." - Dr Martin Luther King Jr

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth will find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."     Rachel Carson  (1907-1964)

Historian Howard Zinn wrote:

"The CCC was not only one of the greatest innovations of the New Deal, but it provides a model for us today. It is the answer to the double problem of unemployed youth (who turn to drugs, who end up in prison) and the persistence of war, with its enormous drain on the national wealth. The young, instead of being recruited to kill and be killed, or to come home maimed in body or in mind, could be put to work in government programs like the CCC, doing all sorts of constructive things to make our environment cleaner and safer. Such work would have the opposite effect of military action -- that is, it would foster healthy bodies and healthy minds as these young people make a great contribution to the nation. The situation today, with a trillion dollars wasted on war, with young men and women coming home damaged, with a crumbling infrastructure making us vulnerable to more Katrina's, and more human disasters, cries out for such a solution." 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!