Lack of Cleaning Tools

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          First of all, there are not enough cleaning tools. Like there is not enough mops or brooms for every student to use it to clean a classroom. And this issue has happened to me also when I was looking for a mop to mop the classroom but there is none because all the mops were currently used by the other students. And it took me a long time to get a mop so I searched the school for a mop until one student finished cleaning their classroom. This issue must be solved so everyone can use the cleaning tools.


          So I decided to choose this campaign so everyone can clean their classroom and have a clean and sanitized classroom. So my goal to this campaign is for everyone to have access to cleaning tools. And the purpose of this campaign is to inform the people that we can't have enough cleaning tools for everyone. For example, the students must volunteer to buy some cleaning tools and so every student can clean and sanitize their classroom. And they should have a room for cleaning tools so every student can use it.  And I want this campaign to be successful so this issue will not happen ever again. So please support my campaign by signing below.