Deny Department Status to Georgetown's Women's and Gender Studies Program

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Georgetown University should not grant department status to the Women's and Gender Studies Program. Department status would allow the program to hire tenure-track professors, offer more introductory classes, and host more programming. The goal of Women's and Gender Studies is to promote the agenda of third- and fourth-wave feminism, making it an inherently biased and non-academic discipline. 

According to the National Women's Studies Association, women's studies is rooted in the "women’s movements of the 1960s and 70s," and pushes intersectional, feminist politics. Women’s Studies has been called the “academic arm of the women’s movement” because its focus is spreading feminist thought rather than critically engaging with it.

Women's and Gender Studies professors do not encourage critical inquiry because they fear triggering their students. Georgetown Women and Gender Studies professor April Sizemore-Barber put it aptly in an interview for Vox, “especially in sexuality studies, we have to understand that what we’re dealing with are not hypotheticals. You cannot be the devil’s advocate about someone’s dignity and someone’s humanity because these are such personal things.” It is impossible for these professors to challenge the existence of rape culture, the validity of transgenderism, or the morality of homosexuality, even though these topics are core to Women's and Gender Studies. 

Not convinced? Browse these posts from their Facebook page. Their leftist bias is evident to anyone with the ability to reason. 

The events put on by the department further reveal their bias. From a talk on the intersection of queerness and disability to an event dedicated to “breaking down binaries,” from a screening of pro-Equal Rights Amendment movies to a queer poetry performance, the Women and Gender Studies department’s programming more closely mirrors that of H*yas for Choice and GU Pride than that of an academic department.

Georgetown should not continue to cloak feminist activism under the auspices of academic freedom. A Georgetown education should be characterized by rigorous scholarship and openness to debate. Many Georgetown students will be called to activism due to what they learn in class about politics, economics, morality, and justice. But the classroom is not an activist space, it is an academic space. Professors can bring in their opinions, but not their activist agendas.

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