Fentanyl Dealers Should be Charged with Murder and Labelled as a Weapon of Mass Destructio

Fentanyl Dealers Should be Charged with Murder and Labelled as a Weapon of Mass Destructio

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My only child, Elijah, was found deceased in his bed on Mothers Day 2020. A so called friend of his gave him Fentanyl and he went to sleep and never woke up. He was only one 100,000 people that DIED from a Fentanyl Overdose. It was labelled an accident. He had no choice, it was NOT AN ACCIDENT. IT WAS MURDER.

My son was not looking for Fentanyl according to the messages in his phone. He was looking for Percocet. He did not want to die. He was not given a choice. One pill, one time. And he was gone. Never got a second chance. We all do stupid things as children. Since when do these stupid decisions result in you losing your life? Not even a chance to learn from his mistake. My life ended that day too.

The investigation in his death was simple. Nobody was even questioned even with proof of who the seller was. I was told it was my sons fault because he chose to take a drug. THAT DOES NOT MATTER!!!! That is NOT the drug he chose to take! He was given something else and died. Gone forever. Even for those that knowingly take a drug, they DO NOT DESERVE TO DIE!!! 

The dealers know that they can possibly kill someone and they sell it anyways. That is homicide. Nothing is being done to these people who are free to go around making $3 profits per pill and killing people. Just body bags and dealers walking free. Every 5 minutes there is a Fentanyl OD. Up from last year, at every 7 minutes. The year before that was every 10 minutes. 100,000 cases in the last year. The dealers do not even get investigated let alone charged and that is why this keeps happening and getting worse by the minute. It is destroying our young people. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW!!!!!

Alot of the victims are not addicts. They are college students with bright futures looking for Adderall to help with ADHD to graduate. They are people with anxiety who cant afford their prescriptions. They are depressed teens looking for a way to cope. They are not all drug addicts and most of them had no idea they were going to die. They didnt ask to die. But they did. And the dealers are still walking free. They are addicts who have a heart, are loved by their families, good people with no way out. They too, ARE SOMEBODY! I AM THEIR VOICE! NONE OF THEM DESERVED TO DIE!!!! THIS IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!!! THEY ARE PEOPLE!!!!!

My petition is to charge dealers with murder when their sale results in a death. To label Fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction. To file charges when someone overdoses even. They are killing people!!! And getting away with it! This is the only way to get these pills and dealers off the streets and save lives. There are no penalties currently which is why in just 2 years we now have an OD every 5 minutes. One day it could be your child. Wouldnt you want justice? Most of us had no idea our children were using drugs until they were found dead. The gap is closing. Every 5 minutes???????

I want to help keep this from happening to other parents and keep people from losing their lives. I want to take a stand for the people who feel they have no way out and to keep them from being wiped out by the masses for monetary gain.  I want to be the voice for those that dont have one because they are labelled an addict. Pretty soon we will have nobody left but drug dealers and older adults. This generation is being wiped with no improvement in sight unless we act now!!!!!!!!

Our government needs to do something NOW!!!!!!!

Please help save lives by signing and sharing my petition. You wouldnt want your child to the next victim. Every 5 minutes. 

Thank You

745 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!