Change federal insurance plans to cover nipple reconstruction for transgender surgeries

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Recently, federal insurance plans have begun to deny coverage of nipple creation for transgender patients. This has led many patients who want nipples to forego them due to the inability to afford the additional cost.  The insurance plans only pay for breast tissue removal; forcing some patients to live permanently without nipples.  This is discrimination because the same insurance plans pay for nipple creation for cisgender patients. 

Top surgery is a procedure that some female-to-male transgender and gender non-conforming patients undergo to create a flat or masculine chest. Many female-to-male transgender people experience severe gender dysphoria due to their breasts that greatly impacts their physical and mental health.

To see the impact that top surgery can have on health and well being, see the journey of Dr. Sajan's patient:

Achieving their goal chest is important to alleviate this gender dysphoria and provide good results. This may or may not include the creation of nipples. Using a procedure known as "nipple grafts", female-to-male patients can have their nipples reconstructed to look natural and create a masculine physique.

Not only does this denial of coverage infringe upon transgender rights, but it can also further feelings of dysphoria that could have been easily avoided. Join Dr. Javad Sajan, one of the country's top plastic surgeons performing gender affirming surgeries, in standing up against these new federal insurance plans that further discrimination against transgender individuals.