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Re-erect the fence along the border of the Kruger Park and Mozambique and bring in the military to guard our borders against poachers!

After hearing Jacob Zuma say in his New Years Speech, that 2013 would be the year to tackle Rhino poaching and we  lost 1004 Rhinos in this year alone, it does not feel as though the government is doing enough to stop this horrendous, cruel and senseless slaughtering of our beautiful and much loved Rhinos. They are one of the big 5 and part of our South African heritage, do we really want to see our Big 5 become our Big 4? I love our wildlife too much to just sit here and watch them become extinct because people in the East think that the Rhino horn has medicinal values when they could just aswell be chewing their own nails! I find the poaching extremely cruel and very heartless! We really need to do everything in our power to preserve these beautiful animals.

We all know that most of the poachers come from Mozambique and that they have increased the poaching since the border fences were taken down. The time has now come to put these fences up again and to increase the military in this area to bring the poaching under control.

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    Mr. Zaheer FAKIR

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