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Why is our school lacking in technologies? Why do I say so? First of all, I implemented this campaign with a serious reason. Most of the students in our school are complaining about the lack of our technologies and most of the time students are the one who is providing school technologies for the school.

For example,

  • A student from Grade 9 has a report on a projected time but at the same time all projectors are all getting used as well and NO projectors are left.
  • Cause: The student might get a failing grade for not reporting.


I would like to inform the school faculty and the administration that lacking in technologies in our school that most of the students are complaining about these "High Quality" projects and students' health must be prioritized always because these kinds of projects might damage them and their personality as a Good Student. This can also cause their values towards their teachers and it is also a good campaign not only for students but also for the school officials. 

I want the school administration or faculty to provide the school technologies and It must not be students who will provide.