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Dear President Geingob, 

We, the people of Namibia, have learned with a deep sense of loss and concern, that government is planning to finalize the liquidation of Air Namibia despite the grave implications this will have on our country and people. 

Irregardless of the countless challenges Air Namibia faced over the years, we never anticipated government, the company’s only shareholder, would turn its back on our nation’s symbol of pride or on the employees, whose lives depend on this institution.

Employees, a majority of whom, had no influence over the politics of what has led to the calculated demise of the Airline. Assessing from the sour relations between the stakeholders, suspicion is rife that the airline is suffering a premeditated end. It is further alleged that those trusted to manage the affairs of the company at a political level, are orchestrating it’s downfall behind the scenes to carve up the company, Berlin Conference style. Concerns surfaced that personal gratification and conflicted interests in a potential competitor have driven those tasked to supervise the airline, to exacerbate its demise by exaggerating fiscal details to induce preferred outcomes. Under logical circumstances, these dire straits could have been avoided, but it is becoming clear that what is attempting to indefinitely ground Air Namibia aren’t normal circumstances. 

Regardless of how far liquidation agenda has progressed, we believe immediate interventions to reverse the decision could render solutions. This is possible if government bothers to understand the strategic importance of the airline. 

When we gained independence in 1990 Namibia prided herself with reliable and accessible Air, Rail, Road and Sea Transport to and for it's citizens.

AIR TRANSPORT survives by being the arteries of the world at large and particularly of tourism and international trade. It represents and thrives by being the wings that enable individuals, entities, private and community sectors to connect nationally, regionally and globally and to reach their various objectives and higher altitudes of success.

Our airline, is not only a source of pride and livelihood but also a symbol of our sovereignty. The situation therefore implores upon us to direct a heartfelt plea to you as the President of this country, to put an end to this gross error. At this point, we are not certain to what degree the Namibian Presidency is informed regarding the decisions of Minister Shiimi and Minister Jooste or how your were convinced to agree to this tragic plan, but we want to urge the President, to pause and weigh the ramifications of this decision. 

This decision will not only devastate those directly dependent on the airline, but also drastically spike our unemployment figures, which will in turn have an adverse impact on the economy as well.

Clipping the Wings that carries the pride of the nation is tantamount to clipping prosperity and progress and even lives of our people because we cannot anticipate the human impact of so many job losses. 

Mr President, with mixed feelings of desperation and hope, the nation turns to you as the last resort. The people who are at the helm of the airline are persons appointed by you and we strongly believe the President is able to induce reason into them.  If not to call them to order. 

In the spirit of Resilience, let us collectively look inward and seek means to stave off unthinkable ruin.