Bring back UF Graduation Ceremony

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The University of Florida recently sent out notice that they have canceled all Fall 2020 graduation ceremonies for COVID-19 safety purposes. Meanwhile, they are allowing over 17,000 people every Saturday into the stadium for football games. There are several options the school can do to have a safe graduation ceremony for its students. The state of Florida also just recently moved into phase 3 allowing more options for safe social distancing events. 

Graduation ceremonies are a few hundred people at most. To allow football games with thousands of fans but not allow your own students to celebrate a graduation day with their family is one of the most selfish acts a university can do. 

We are tired of having a president and school that doesn’t care about it’s students. They care more about money then those who make the school what it is (ranked 6th public school in the country). We paid a fee for a graduation ceremony in our tuition and deserve the chance to celebrate this accomplishment!