Give students the choice : hybrid, virtual, or in-person

Give students the choice : hybrid, virtual, or in-person

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Started by Rebecca Oderoha

With the rising cases of a new strain of COVID (Omnicron/Omarion), we the people believe that a choice should be given to us on how WE (the tuition payers) want to receive our education for the Spring 22' semester until the coast is much clearer for us to all safely return. Immune compromised students are vulnerable. Parents who are students are vulnerable (risk of infecting their children). Faculty/Staff are vulnerable (higher in age/risk to their families). This is the time for CSUN to make a decision solely based on facts and emotional intelligence rather than economics. Below are some options that I strongly believe will serve in everyone's interest.

Options : Hybrid, Fully-online, In-person

How to : Professor's will provide an option to each student on how they want to receive their course.

Pro's :

1. Student pays for what they want and are not forced.

2. Inclusive

3. Convenient

4. Allows Professor's to have a definite schedule where they can base their own personal schedules off of.

5. More sections = smaller class sections which create a more personal learning experience.

6. Hybrid allows for both the in-person experience and online convenience and safety

Cons : None, this option serves everybody!

Thank you!

84 have signed. Let’s get to 100!