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President-Elect Donald Trump should release his taxes returns - because we do care

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For over a year, Donald Trump has stated that the public does not care about his taxes. As a major party candidate, he insisted that he could not because his taxes were under audit, which legally is untrue. In fact, he could easily release his tax returns at any time without any violations, questions or concerns, except those of public perception.

Now as President-Elect Trump, he insists that the public does NOT care about his taxes. That again is the furthest from the truth. He claims that only the media cares about his taxes so that they can, in his words, continue to be dishonest and lie. The real truth is that millions of Americans want to know his business as he enters the highest office in the land. We want to know will he be a good president or a corrupt liar who abuses his powers and diminishes the office of the President and slow erodes the fabric of our great nation.

The jury is currently out on whether he truly cares about the role he is about to undertake and based on many claims he made and retracted over and over, it is our right to know his business dealings to know more of the truth about him that is not coming from his mouth, a press release, a surrogate or other person connected to, or related to, in any way, with Donald Trump.

Many polls were taken in consideration of Donald Trumps' claims that no one cares about his taxes. Well according to statistical data received from well-known polls, Donald Trump is again, proven wrong.

Quinnipiac University:

Monmouth University:

Fox News:

Politifact has further reading as well:

The only true way to show President-Elect Donald Trump that we want to know about his business dealings is by telling him that We, The People, want to know who and what this man is. Sign this petition and share with friends to have them sign and become part of the real voice of America!

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