PRRD, please fire your Strategic Communications people.

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Dear Mr. President,

Over the past three years, we have been witness to the incompetence of your strategic communications team, presumably composed of several officials from the Presidential Communications Operations Office and the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson.

We tried to be as patient and forgiving all this time, but we believe that after your strategic communications team bungled its supposedly "bombastic" announcements as regards to the alleged destabilization plot against the government, we feel that it's high time to put your foot down and squish these people, just like what you did to the cockroach that landed on your shirt not too long ago.

You said yourself, "Ayoko nang napapahiya ako (I dislike being humiliated)," and that's exactly what your strategic communications people did to you when they failed to perform due diligence before they reported about the destabilization matrix, the same due diligence that is expected from every communications practitioner.

With the preface that it's going to be a "bombastic" revelation, your strategic communications team included Gretchen Ho and Hidilyn Diaz in the destabilization matrix, only to retract it several days later. 

We, as your supporters, did the due diligence instead, but the data we found is just sufficient to give your comms team the benefit of the doubt, the data isn't enough to establish complicity. 

And true enough, there was none, according to no other than Spokesperson Panelo himself, the same guy who made the announcement in the first place.

Mister President, your strategic communications team made you look like a fool, and it hurts us to see this happening over and over.

We do not like seeing you getting humiliated, moreso if the humiliation is the doing of the same people whose job is prevent your humiliation.

Your supporters, which include your appointees, should by definition support you: They should not be bringing you down.

Mister President, please fire members of your strategic communications team that had to do with this mess.

You, along with the rest of the Filipino People, deserve people better than them. 

Rey Joseph Nieto