Please use your executive powers to reduce my sentence to time served based on the fact that I have served over 21 years

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 Hello.  My name is Albert Edwards and I am a federal inmate currently serving a 440 months sentence with 10 years supervised release once I complete my sentence in March of 2026.  I was convicted of a non-violent drug offense in 1994.  I was arrested on July 28,1993 and these are the facts of my case.  On June 28,1993 an FBI informant came to my childhood friend's house 4 separate times in an attempt to make a controlled buy of crack cocaine..On this day the CI did not purchase any crack cocaine but told the FBI agents that on one of the 4 trips he had seen me in possession of a 9 mm hand gun.  The same CI returned the next day on June 29,1993 again on 4 separate times trying to buy crack cocaine from my friend.  On

the second

trip of this day while I was not present the CI purchased "8 grams of crack cocaine from my childhood friend, Michael Henderson.  On the fourth and final trip on this day the CI purchased "10 grams of crack cocaine from my friend Terry Wilson on behalf of Michael Henderson (it was alleged by the CI that Leroy Nolan gave the drugs to Terry Wilson who sold them to the CI).  These were the only 2 drug deals involved in my case on July 27,1993.  A Federal Grand Jury for the Northern District of Illinois handed down a 4 count indictment and we all were arrested the next day.  Count 1 of the indictment charged me, (Albert Edwards) Michael Henderson, Terry Wilson, and Leroy Nolan with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine base (crack cocaine).  Count 2 charged Michael Henderson alone with distribution of "8 grams of crack cocaine.  Count 3 charged Michael Henderson, Terry Wilson, and Leroy Nolan with distribution of "10 grams of crack cocaine.  Count 4 charged the four of us with use and carry of a weapon (namely a 9 mm hand gun) during a drug trafficking offense.  The four of us went  to trial and was found guilty on all charges.   I was sentenced on May 12,1994 and at my hearing I was classified as a career offender based on my prior record, a fist fight in 1988 at age 18 and a $20 drug sale to an undercover officer in 1989 at age 20.  based on the facts of my case and trial evidence the judge ruled that I was not responsible for possessing or distributing any crack cocaine and that the amount shown and proven to the jury was the "8 and "10 grams of crack cocaine that my 3 friends were charged with selling to the FBI informant on June 29, 1993. The judge contributed the amount to me, 18 grams total of crack cocaine, and based on my prior record I was sentenced to 380 months, 10 years supervised release and a $2,000 fine.  I was also given a consecutive sentence of 60 months based on a weapon being present during the drug conspiracy, making my total sentence 440 months.  Michael Henderson was the alleged ring leader of the conspiracy, he also had a prior drug offense so his sentence was 360 months.  However in 2008 he was given a sentence reduction and has not returned to prison. Terry Wilson was given 15.6 years and completed his sentence in June of 2007, and he has not returned to prison.  Leroy Nolan was given 18.3 years but in 2008 he was given a sentence reduction and has not returned to prison.  The facts of my case are true and precise and yet based on my limited involvement in the case, I was given the most time based on my prior record. I was also denied a sentence reduction by my judge because of my prior record.  I filed a commutation to President Obama in 2012 and this also was denied in December 2014.  Under the new crack cocaine law it takes "28 grams of crack cocaine to get a mandatory sentence of 5 years.,  Under this old law I was given 380 months for 18 grams of crack cocaine my friends sold while all 3 are free and living crime free lives.  I can't get back the 22 years I have served in prison on this case and I do accept full responsibility for all my past wrongs.  Over the years I have educated myself in that I have a Para-Legal degree, certificates in culinary arts, computers and manufacturing.  I've taken over 70 Adult Continuing education courses and I'm a Toastmaster, which will enable me in public speaking.  I also mentor the younger inmates to help get them on the right path, not just to serve the time but to become a better man, learning skills so that they will not return to prison life.  I help facilitate a course called "7 Steps" which addresses the issues of recidivism.  I facilitate a PMA class (Positive Mental Attitude) based on the concepts of Nathan Hill's "The 17 Principles of Personal Development."  I've addressed and overcome my alcohol and drug addition that helped lead me to my poor decision makings and past incarcerations.  I was 24 years old when I was arrested.  I'm now 46 years old, I'm not the man I was 22 of 25 years ago and because of this I am asking for a second chance at life.  Today I simply want to help misguided youths and young adults once I am freed.  I believe that my story will help discourage others from going down the same path I once took.  Two years ago I lost my only son in a senseless murder at age 25.  He has 3 children who will grow up not knowing their their dad.  I also have one granddaughter who also has a daughter which gives me 4 grandchildren.  Having to stay incarcerated until 2026 will only make me much older 56 going on 57.  I need to be home now so that I can help my family and my community.  Thank you for hearing me out.


Albert Edwards