Trump Executive Order: Return Bankruptcy Rights to Student Loans

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President Trump:  We ask you to please- by EXECUTIVE ORDER- direct the Department of Education and its contractors to immediately STOP CHALLENGING BANKRUPTCY FILERS with student loans in court.  

So you know:

Student Loans have become a predatory, hyper-inflationary, big-government national threat to this country, as you know.  This happened because Congress removed bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations, and many other fundamental consumer protections from the loans, and also gave the Department of Education and its contractors viciously powerful collection powers that are being used to abuse the people.  This out-of-control, big-government lending system has devastated the lives of tens of millions of citizens, and threatens to wreck far more. Very soon. 

The Founders saw this problem coming.  This is why they called for uniform bankruptcy laws AHEAD of the power to raise an army, coin currency, and even declare war in the U.S. Constitution.  

The time has come to drain the Student Loan Swamp.  Congress has been stalling for decades, so this duty falls on you, President Trump.  Please do not let us down. 

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