Stop Judges, Attorneys and Guardians from Stealing Our Estates and Murdering Our Parents

Stop Judges, Attorneys and Guardians from Stealing Our Estates and Murdering Our Parents

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For the past 40 years, our Judges, Attorneys and Guardians have been ruling our Parents Incapacitated, Stripping them of their Civil Rights and then the Judge Attorney and Guardians go and and Steal our families entire estate, after the estate has been stolen they put our parents on a large does of Seroquel to cause Sudden Cardiac Death, yes Judges are Murdering our Parents. These are Massive Human Rights violations and our Congressmen and Senators due Nothing.

On November 28, 2018, at 2:30 PM, in the Special Committee on Aging,  Senator Richard Blumenthal Admitted that these Judges are Stealing Tons of Money from the American People and has done Nothing to Protect our Parents due to the Fraternity Among Lawyers, that become Judges, Congressmen and Senators. These Senators and Congressmen are Committing TReason against the United States Constitution.


"And these judges are essentially beyond any oversight and very often they have their own fiefdoms. Literally, their own private kingdoms. They make a ton of money," Sen. Blumenthal said. Blumenthal states, “Fiefdoms” where the Guardianship cases are run like Mafia Godfathers."

1. Abolishment of Guardianship Laws they are Unconstitutional

2. No Immunity for Judges, "No One is Above the Law"

    "Immunity Breeds Corruption"

3. Jail for Judges, these Judges are Murdering our Parents and the FBI do Nothing, order the FBI to arrest these Judges, Attorneys and Guardians.

4. Special Independent Designated Office for "We The People" will run this Office and given the power to suspend judges from doing harm to our citizens if the break the law and put them in Jail.

5.  If a Prosecutor lies, they will be suspended from the case, to protect our We The People.

6. Jail for Judges, example Cash for Kids in Pennyslvania took years to prosecute due to other judges protecting these corrupt Judges. Immediately taken off the Bench so they can do no harm to We The People.

7. Judges are not above the law, 20 years mandatory prison sentence for violation of Constitutional Rights, which is treason against our constitution, when a judge violates the constitution, he does this for a reason, because he is dirty.

8. There will be No ruling at the Appellate Level of "Per Curiam," this Per Curiam Ruling, which means we are denying your Appeal and we do not have to tell you why. "Per Curiam rulings are the backbone of Appellate Corruption and Racketeering among Jugdes and Lawyers."

9. The State, Federal and Appellate Courts as well as the Bankruptcy Court have been operated as a Racketeering Enterprise  for many years and have destroyed the lives of millions of citizens. We will review and reverse these Decisions. 

10. We The People have been victims by our own lawyers destroying our cases and joining the other lawyers on the opposing team. Our Florida Bar and Judicial Qualifications Commission in Florida and around the Country will be closed. Lawyers will  be licensed by the State and or Federal Government. All the money from around the Country will go to this office, Independent free of any Conflicts or Corruption.


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