Stop Immediately 5G

Stop Immediately 5G

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The health of the American people is more important than a race for power with China!

We have already enough children with cancer (see Saint Jude Hospital!) We did not have all those children with cancer 20/30 years ago!

Even 4G is dangerous; how to raise to a degree 10 times higher is going to play out?

The American people are not Lab-mice! You cannot experiment on people!

How a frequency that high is not dangerous for the human body?

Who give you the right to impose such a hazard to the American people without their explicit consent?

This petition is to FREEZE IMMEDIATELY the construction of new 5G tower and 5G satellite, and TO TAKE DOWN all the ones already in existence that affect the territory of the United States of America and its people.

When the population of China will get sick from radiation exposure, I assure you that you will be glad you didn't do that to your fellow American citizens!