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President Donald J. Trump, Governor Matt Bevin and All Members of Kentucky Legislator,
I write to you in an effort to kick start the promise made by President Trump during his acceptance speech for the Republican Party nomination for the President seat. Also along his Campaign trail and now in his rallies, to Stop Judges from taking children from good Mothers. I’ve written in two previous petitions of this matter; once to former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and again to residing Governor Matt Bevin. In my response I was told Governor’s cannot remove a Judge from office. However I do now know that Legislature can vote a Judge from her/his seat. I write you as representative of our group of more than 136, not counting family members. We’ve started writing and peacefully protesting our cause. This is an epidemic we have encountered wither you chose to acknowledge it closing your eyes and ears to our cries. There are so many people involved in this injustice across the nation but I only speak for Fayette County and our jail won’t hold them all. However we have decided to start with asking for the removal of the leader, Judge Kathy Stein. She has been all over the news since October of last year. The first Judge in history to be suspended twice in less than about 6 months. And would be removed if Judicial Conduct Commission and Barr Association would review our court tapes with numerous complaints. She should already be gone however we’ve been told the JCC is short staffed and new Barr Assoc. president William r. Garmer has apparently vowed to clear the reputation of the Assoc. and I assume he’s doing so by ignoring our complaint’s and court tapes of Attorneys involved in Judge Stein’s cases with clear proof of misconduct on all. Judge Stein was ordered to go to a retraining course for her actions in the unlawful taking/kidnapping she conducted and horrifying rape and harm of children by Foster homes they were in however hearings after have concluded she learned nothing. You can’t teach a conscience into someone and morals don’t exists in Judge Stein. The stories and court tapes will be included by others accounts in following comments. Points being these children were taken from good Mothers and Fathers. Grandparents weren’t allowed to have them Judge Stein stating they were too old to raise children. In my daughter’s case Judge Stein a family Judge entered unlawfully into Florida where my daughter had petitioned the state of Kentucky prior to moving and lived there for over 2 years. Judge Stein ordered she give her child during entire Christmas break to bio-father, a complete stranger and because her car broke down she had my daughter thrown in jail in Florida, again Stein not a Federal criminal Judge. Court tapes show her and my daughter’s then attorney, (Crystal Osborne, same attorney involved in her other suspensions) and attorney of (the bio-father/stranger to my daughter and her child), discussing how to take my grand-daughter from her only parent for the first 6 years of her life.
As I’ve told my daughter’s story over social media, talking to people everywhere I go about this they are either in shock or they have had similar situation happen to them, a family member or friend. This is an epidemic and there are no laws to protect our children from a Judge that is clearly not capable of taking care of herself. Although she I assume took the classes to better herself I can prove in my daughter’s last hearing it hasn’t. Judge Stein confirms, Yes, Miss Adkins has done everything this court has asked but she needs to control her mother. Her attorney pleading, my client can’t control her mother no more than I or anyone here can control theirs and Tamma Adkins isn’t on trial here nor is she or ever been represented in this court. Every hearing for the past 2 years 11 months that were to be about my daughter getting back her child, have been about Judge Stein’s hatred for me. Judge Stein’s hatred can clearly be seen on her facebook post of her torn up photo of her ex-husband and of all the negative post in regards to President Trump, Governor Bevin and all Republican members of Legislature she can find to post about. I’m sure Judge Stein may have been a good Senator if you knew her then. She is a horrible bad judge. She’s not the same person she was before I’ve had some of her close friends tell me, they too are disgusted. If Kentucky had the Recall law she’d be out tomorrow. If I don’t do my job I’m fired as it or any job should be. If I have emotional/mentally unstable issues my company or any company would not allow me to continue on in a position where people could be harmed and offer sending me to rehab however if my issues continued and people were harmed I would be immediately removed and lose my license. But while you sit and mingle about opioid drugs, Obamacare all of which are important matters, children suffer, their parents and grandparents suffer and they are far more important than any subject you will ever discuss. Time is running out for some of these parent’s as their children are being adopted out. I feel as most the good Governor Bevin and first Lady have done by adopting children into their homes is amazing however that is not the case with most. Parents want their children back and grandparents want them. The children and family has to be the main goal of Family Court and just doesn’t exist here as Judges like Judge Stein make up her own laws and rules. We will be asking for many laws in regards to protecting children however one step at a time. So we ask that a special assembly or meeting be called for a special vote to remove Judge Stein from office. Whatever kind of meeting it needs to be to make things right for those afflicted by this epidemic on good People. Kentucky needs to be the first to take the stand with President Trump in Stopping these Judges from taking children from good Mother’s. Please Stand with US. We ask and beg for your help in this precious matter. Remove Judge Kathy Stein from office. Our Constitutional Rights of Due Process have been denied among many more.
Tamma Adkins
Lexington, Ky.

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