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I started this petition hopeful that cruise ships will be safely sailing their scheduled routes after the 30 day hiatus.

One huge barrier to this hope is the Canadian government. On March 13, 2020, the Government of Canada banned all cruise ships larger than 500 passengers from docking at any Canadian port until June 30th. 

This is a problem because under the US Passenger Services Act, cruise ships that sail round trip from a US port are required to stop in a foreign port. Most Alaska routes that are round trip from Seattle have a very brief stop in Victoria, British Columbia to meet this requirement.

Canada's ban means all ships with a scheduled round trip Seattle Alaskan cruise will either need to cancel the cruise or pay the over $700 per person fine. Given the devastation the cruise industry have faced in recent weeks, paying the fine or having the passengers pay the fine are not an option.

The Alaska tourism industry earns the majority of their annual income in the very short cruise season that runs from May - September. The majority of Americans who visit the great state of Alaska do so on a cruise ship.

Alaska previously projected that 1.44 million passengers would arrive via cruise ship in 2020. These passengers  and the hard working Alaskan people should not be denied this important tourism season because Canada has closed its docks to US passengers on cruise ships.

We are asking President Trump to sign an executive order suspending enforcement of the Passenger Services Act to protect the Alaska, Hawaii, and New England routes scheduled until June 30, 2020. This will allow the scheduled routes to sail if deemed safe to do so.