SASS. Society Against School Shootings- President Trump This is a CALL to ACTION...

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This is a CALL TO ACTION to President Trump to immediately create the SCHOOL SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (SSA). It will be under the Department of Homeland Security and will operate similar to the TSA. Our children deserve and have the right to safe schools. One way in and one way out. This CALL TO ACTION is to secure and make our schools safe now. This is NOT about political views, gun control, or mental health. This is about our CHILDREN who are our greatest asset and the future of our country. George W Bush founded the TSA immediately following the attacks on 9-11-01. President Trump we implore you to take action now and protect our children.

First things first ! Stop a shooters ability to enter the school and  terrorize and murder anymore our students and faculty immediately!!!   The TSA security procedures are effective!   We know that it works!!!  Secure our schools and make our classroom safe by creating The School Security Administration (SSA)  The SSA will use proven procedures already in use by the Travel Security Administration (TSA). Once our children are safe inside their schools and classrooms we can implement  "wrap around" programs that address  bullying, depression, anxiety, and anger.   FIRST THINGS more terrorism and murder within our schools. 

We the citizens of the United States can unite and ask our President to create the School Security Administration to secure our schools. The SSA Training Academy will provide intensive and uniform education for School Security Officers. Every person entering the school will go thought a scanner/ metal detector... no exceptions. The CALL TO ACTION will only work if we unite for our children.... We have to put the safety of our children FIRST by securing the schools. The SSA is a win win for all. In addition to keeping our children safe  the SSA will create jobs.

President Trump said....

"Why do we protect our airports and our banks, government buildings and not our schools"?
-President Donald Trump

Help us tell President Trump that we call for Safe Schools NOW!!!

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SASS Society Against School Shootings    

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