President Trump help our Children be free of manipulations and fear.

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 There is an epidemic across our country. Not only our country but across the world. Right now I will have to start in my country because it is most immediate. Do you believe your children have the fundamental right to love you? It's a basic question.  Would you try to convince and manipulate your child into not loving your wife? The answer is yes you believe your children have the right to love you. And no you would not try to manipulate your children into not loving your wife. Because I know you are a good man Mr. Trump.                                                                                                              Let's take it one step further. Would you do these manipulations and put fear in your child if they still wanted to have a relationship with the other parent even after the manipulations? No you would not Mr. Trump because I know you are a good man.        Our children are suffering. The parents of these children are suffering. The extended family members are suffering. To a parent it's like a death except your child lives 20 minutes away.  To the child or children its also as if the parent has died. Well we are still here Mr. President Trump. I don't know how all this come to pass or why it's happening but I do know that many people have tried to change this and it has been happening for a very long time.                                                                                       I know this sounds completely ridiculous. And it is childish of the parent doing these manipulations to the children. But I can assure you it is happening Mr Trump because it's happening to me. Not only me but thousands of people across the USA.   My name is Rhonda Marquez. After this started happening to my son I have discovered a lot of things. This epidemic is affecting the children of our future. I want my son to grow up having the love of both of his parents. Children are not receiving this across the country. Common sense tells everyone that the more love a child has the better people they become. But instead, take a child and play mind games with them, put fear in them so that they will not see or talk to that other loving parent and your asking for alot of the problems happening within today's society.                              I understand if a parent is abusing a child. That's a totally different story. But to have a normal loving parent that is not being allowed to see or talk to a child is wrong. The courts alot of times side with or believe the parent who is actually doing the manipulations. My son loves me Mr. President Trump. And I love him. Why should a parent be allowed to put this type of stress on a child? The answer is they should not.                                                                                                                                                Mr. President Trump children that go through this alot of times commit suicide or have troubles with their relationships or wind up doing the same to their children. A lot of parents commit suicide. I do not want this to happen to my son.                                Some people call this Parental Alienation, PA, PAS. I don't care what it's called. I only know that it is wrong. It's wrong for this to keep happening in our country. We are the strongest country in the world. You are the strongest person of our country and you represent your people. Be a representation for your people Mr. President.                This leads me to ask for your help. You have the power to make a change Mr. President. I am a proud parent of two wonderful children with kind hearts. I am only one voice but, I am speaking for the thousands of parents maybe millions who suffer this daily. Many attempts have been made for change but failed. Parental Alienation Awareness day is bringing awareness but still nothing is being done. I humbly ask for your help Mr. President Trump to put an end to Parental Alienation.

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