Pres. Trump: Stop the Spraying of the Skies!

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We, the undersigned—citizens of the United States of America and citizens of all sovereign and captive nations worldwide being POISONED by the spraying of NOXIOUS chemicals by stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) Lofters and all manner of such aircraft—hereby implore DONALD J. TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, as COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the US Armed Forces, to ORDER THE US AIR FORCE Project INDIGO SKYFOLD pilots to STAND DOWN; and

               We further respectfully and earnestly unite despite any and all differences, including political ideology and cultural differences, and in the same sincere manner urge PRESIDENT TRUMP to ORDER any and all programs emanating from the United States—including by private or public universities (see Harvard geoengineering, for example), laboratories, corporations, groups, the United Nations, government arms and agencies and armed forces, or any other manner of individuals, groups, or organizations and institutions—to cease, desist, and stand down with any and all weather control, geoengineering, or other similar projects and programs. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED; and

               We, the undersigned who live in remote undeveloped areas—such as in the majority of the state of New Mexico (USA)—have been put in perilous and otherwise life-threatening positions because, for example, of continually induced moisture (inordinate amounts of rain and snow) caused by the spraying this past winter, which trapped people, sometimes by avalanche, inside their abodes without means of heat, water, or food—and in some cases, medicine and the like and who, furthermore, are told we cannot depend on county or state personnel or resources in NM to help us. The ground in the high desert was oversaturated. The unpaved earth sank and opened up on these primitive “roads”; and

               We further wish to inform PRESIDENT TRUMP and all concerned that we are not fooled that the *manipulation of the weather and solar obscuration* (which causes the need to power the batteries of SOLAR ARRAYS with GASOLINE GENERATORS) do anything other than POISON land, air, water, crops and soil, flora and fauna, and human beings and cause illness and discomfort and DO IRREPARABLE HARM to Mother Earth; and

               We have read about the testing, heard whistle-blower accounts, read and been shown the experiments, and so forth, ad nauseam. Most important, we have seen the evidence with our own eyes. We ALREADY KNOW what’s happening, that it is FACT, and we want it stopped. We implore you, PRESIDENT TRUMP, to ORDER *open, full, uncensored, televised joint-session hearings on Capitol Hill. Allow independent citizens, researchers, scientists, and the like to be heard fully, alongside the corporate cabal. We need to know exactly what’s been done to us.* Bear in mind, that with all the aluminum being sprayed and disseminated, children alive today might well find that thirty becomes the new eighty, as generations are beset with Alzheimer’s earlier and earlier;

              NOW THEREFORE, we urge you to COMMAND the perpetrators of geoengineering emanating from or impinging from elsewhere on the United States, and in whatever other nations any of our craft and pilots may be operating, to STAND DOWN, CEASE AND DESIST. We THANK YOU for your consideration and ACTION.