President Donald Trump: Please grant Clemency for Charles Scott serving a 51 yr sentence!

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On behalf of Charles Scott, we, his family, friends and supporters humbly request that you sign this petition. We are a loving family, waiting for Charles to come home - we are serving every day of his sentence.

Charles has already served over 21 years on a 51 year sentence for interfering with interstate commerce. Much of his sentence was due to the 924c stacking penalty now remedied and reformed by the 1st Step Act but that law has not been made retroactive, so Charles will continue to suffer the greater portion of his life in prison if he is not granted relief from this outdated and unjust law in the form of clemency. Though prison has helped him turn his life around, now it is time for society to give him a chance to prove himself worthy of a second chance.

In Charles words:

At 20 years old I made some bad choices. I like to look at each of us as a seed. Sometimes seeds are nurtured and cultivated and placed in environments that's conducive to their growth, and sometimes seeds are tossed and left in areas that are not.  The soil is often toxic, so when the storms of life come blowing through in the form of criminal thinking, self-pride, egos, poverty, etc., the weak are tossed and carried and end up in places like prison, and sometimes, even the grave.

I was one of those seeds. My roots weren't strong and when the storms of life came I couldn’t hold on. It happens. Still, when one is tossed into places where you run into other seeds whom have been nurtured and cultivated, they can lead and direct you to good soil and real light from the sun where the rays are education, vocational trades, anger management, business skill, computer tech. education, mentoring programs, etc. and now you start growing stronger and stronger roots, and now the winds and storms of life can't move you, because your deeply rooted and on solid ground.
Life places us all in some difficult situations and how we choose to deal with it is up to us. Sometimes we focus so much on who is a success or failures that we miss the guys who were on the road to failure but had an ah-ha moment and found a way to turn it all around, and live to tell about it. Those are the important guys. Those are guys who know there is hope in every situation.

It breaks my heart to see all those killings in Chicago, or how young these guys are coming in here daily. I have a grandson I want to influence and a daughter that needs my help. I don't just do good in prison. I teach good in prison, and that's my desire. I teach classes, mentor, and make sure others stay out of trouble. Anybody can come to jail and stay out of trouble, but how many come in and make sure others stay out of trouble, give others something to do to be constructive and find purpose? That's what we need out there, not people that will merely get out and forget where they came from, but those that can help keep trouble down and help others stay out of trouble; that's being my brother's keeper. This is what I want and that's why I pray for clemency.
Thank you in advance for your support! ❤

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