To close down the military base Fort Hood

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Vanessa Guillén was a soldier in Fort Hood, she was sexually harassed by one of the Sargents in the base. She went missing from the military base for more than two months before her remains were found. The military base believed there was foul play in her case but lied about essential details since the begging. The case was not taken seriously until Vanessas mother went viral on the internet and then got the case to the news. Many other women soldiers  have come forward about being sexually harassed and sexually assaulted and not taken seriously when they report the incidents. 

Vanessa Guillén deserves justice. 

She joined the military to serve her country, to protect the people of the United States. Vanessa trusted Fort Hood to protect her while serving. Fort Hood failed her. Fort Hood became her enemy. Vanessa Guillén was not safe in her own military base, Fort Hood let her die when they claim “No soldier left behind”.