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Lyme Disease-requiring classes for MDs and educates. Regulation on "LLMD" accept. ins.

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I was a very intelligent woman before I got Lyme. While I didn't do much with my intelligence thus far in my life I wanted to keep my brain capacity. Who knows how long I have had this...What I do know is this:

Doctors are not educated in this field of Lyme. A couple of years ago and only because I was willfully stubborn with my health I was retested for Lyme. It was positive and was not actually negative the first was in the "median zone".

My doctor at the time sat on my results for three weeks! That's three weeks I sat with bacteria crawling through my brain. I finally found out from my "gyno" "gyno"...

So okay...I have Lyme. Lyme that doesn't want to die. doctors are not educated in this AT ALL and this has got to be regulated. The term LLMD is for a doctor who is "Lyme literate" and they charge a HUGE amount of money to all of the ones desperate to get better.

People are selling their homes, taking out mortgages to pay for their medical because insurance companies won't pay for this testing or anything Lyme related. Someone like me who is "poor folk" can't even get into an LLMD unless we have close to 1000.00 to start the process...I know because I called over forty "LLMDs"

It's wrong. It has to be changed. The damage this causes is surreal. 

What if President Trump, you woke one morning no couldn't talk or barely walk and no one knew what was wrong with you? The doctors couldn't figure it out.

That would be wrong, yes?

It's wrong for us too. LLMDs have become a sort of monopoly. A way for these MDs to make money off of peoples misery. It is wrong...and insurance companies are denying people help...and new doctors aren't being educated on this correctly nor the MD community. 

Please, change this:

Make insurance companies pay for treatment for Lyme people. 

Make it mandatory that all those studying to become MDs or nurse practitioners, take a separate course on Lyme bacteria and there are several different tick and mite related illnesses. This should be included.

Have regulation on these LLMDs charging so much just because they can and force the medical community; ALL medical community and the insurance companies to pay for any and all treatment related to any tick or mite born illness. 

People can actually die from Lyme. The bacteria can get into the brain, nervous system, heart, and any other organs. 

However, the number one cause of death among "Lymies" is suicide. 

This should matter President Trump. 

Thank you for your careful consideration and I appreciate your service.



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