Increase Government Oversight to Suppress Human Trafficking

Increase Government Oversight to Suppress Human Trafficking

August 1, 2020
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President Donald J. Trump and 3 others
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Started by Cody B

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In the last couple months, Operation Underground Railroad has been making more news. This is fantastic. The only issue is that people have only been making their voices heard through social media and through their checkbooks when we need them to take more active public action. The following recommendations for increased oversight to suppress human trafficking may be how some of them can take more action. 

Before giving the different recommendations, it is understood that this is a complex issue and must be met with increased oversight by the echelons of public society or we will never be able to suppress this giant evil. We, the petitioners, ask for the consideration of the following increases and implementation of oversight by the United States government.

1. Hold businesses of dark web browsers negligible for crimes on their servers that they knowingly allow.

2. Increase regulation on the legal pornographic industry that does not hurt the lawful. 

3. Increase government participation with companies such as OUR/Ho’ola Na Pua by extending more grants and other help to companies that fight human trafficking, help victims of human trafficking, and teach children to recognize and fight off potential traffickers. 

4. Increase oversight of poor and wealthy travelers in light of the Epstein crimes by increasing oversight of all who travel with minors, of private airports/seaports, and increased patrolling of the coasts. 

5. Take all plausible accusations of potential human trafficking crimes seriously. If private internet sleuths introduce plausible correlations that may bring to light human trafficking crimes, then take it serious and properly investigate. 

6. Create a US anti-trafficking ad campaign similar to that of the anti-drug campaign. This can bring to light the data on the crimes, but also tell citizens the hotlines to call if they suspect trafficking activity. This ad campaign can also teach citizens things to look out for when they suspect trafficking activity. 

7. Increase oversight between government agencies. If a public officer or official thinks their government agency or a government agency their agency is working with may be involved with human trafficking then they should be able to submit an anonymous tip to congress who should seriously investigate the matter. (For example, if Hawaii National Gaurd does a joint mission with the US Marines and a Gaurd member suspects trafficking in the Marines, they would tell congress and vice versa)

8. Reward nations, individuals, and non-profits who fight human trafficking with benefits to encourage them to continue the fight. 

We ask for the consideration of the above to be implemented so we can fight and suppress human trafficking at a larger scale. We understand some of the above may already be in action, but ask for increased activity in fighting and suppressing human trafficking. We must let this new decade be where human trafficking is no longer prevalent.

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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