Impeach Gavin Newsom as CA governor and put John Cox in as CA governor

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Ever since Gavin Newsom has taken over California, he has taken away our rights and freedom as americans and handed them over to illegal immigrants. He has also gave more rights to those who do not follow the rules of the system and damaged those who do abide by the U.S. laws. We need Gavin Newsom Impeached and replaced by john cox who will stand up for us, protect our rights and not take them away, and also fix the broken system newsom has created in his over abusive power he has.

Newsom will cause more destruction in CA and bring in more MS13 gangs and illegals in CA which will do more harm to CA than the problems we already have in this dead state. That's why Trump needs to impeach newsom and put john cox in as CA governor because cox will fix the huge mess here in CA and put the american people first. Oh it's damn true.

That's why we need Newsom impeached and we need Trump to put John Cox in as California Governor. If you agree, please sign this petition to make it happen. 

Thank you.