Harsher Penalties for Child Rapists.

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In September of 1982, a 13 year old little girl was kidnapped from a mall in Rome Georgia, by a woman named Judith Neelley. They kept her for 3 days beating and raping her. When they were tired of the games, she was took to Little River Canyon, and shot up with draino to slowly kill her. When that failed, she was marched to the edge, begging and pleading to go home, where she was shot in the back and killed instantly. She was then threw over the edge. She was gave the death penalty, that a governor overturned, not knowing that made her eligible for parole.The killer of this little girl is now fighting for a chance at parole saying her civil rights were violated, when Alabama passed a bill saying she has to spend her life in prison for the life she took.

Where did we go wrong, when allowing these killers more rights than the victims, whom they viciously took. Long is the day when children were safe to play in their own yards. There is a war on our own homeland. These predators are attacking our children every day, and we are allowing it. What kind of future can our children have when these animals are hunting them. 

I fully support the death penalty for violent sexual predators of children, so that sadistic violent offenders like Judith Neelley, can never prey on a life again.