Free Bobi Wine: President Trump Must Suspend Aid To Ugandan Dictator Museveni

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President Trump in his National Security Strategy released on December 18, 2017 declared that: African governments engaged in corruption will suffer foreign aid suspension; and, those engaged in human rights abuses will face sanctions, collectively and individually.

These sanctions must now be applied against the regime of Gen. Museveni, for the following reasons:

On August 13 when Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni realized his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party dictatorship was about to lose a by-election for a Parliamentary seat in Arua to the opposition candidate Kasiano Wadri, he unleashed terror hoping to intimidate opposition supporters.

Gen. Museveni's security operatives shot and killed Yasin Kawuma, driver to Uganda's most popular Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a. Bobi Wine. Kyagulanyi and several other Members of Parliament were subsequently arrested and severely beaten and reportedly tortured. Even the opposition Parliamentary seat candidate Wadri was arrested.

Dictator Museveni preposterously claimed the opposition lawmakers had incited their supporters to throw a stone at his motorcade, striking and miraculously shattering the rear windshield of a bulletproof vehicle while leaving no traces of broken glass.

Nevertheless when elections were held August 15, voters repudiated Gen. Museveni by electing Wadri by 38% over Museveni's candidate Nusuru Teperu who won 27%.

Kyagulanyi, Wadri and the other arrested Members of Parliament who have been severely beaten and reportedly tortured remain behind bars. The others are: Gerald Karuhanga; Paul Mwiru; and, Francis Zakee. Also arrested was former Member of Parliament Michael Mabikke.

Kyagulanyi's wife Barbara has been denied access to him because the regime wants to prevent her from being able to describe to the world his horrific physical condition in the manner that only a loved one can do.

On August 16, when Kyagulanyi was presented before a closed military court martial --even though he's a civilian-- on bogus illegal weapons possession charges his lawyer said he couldn't speak and couldn't walk.

Kyagulanyi and the other political prisoners must be immediately released so they can receive proper medical care.

Ugandans are demanding that dictator Museveni step down.

Ugandans are demanding that U.S. President Trump follow his own National Security Directive and:

1. Impose sanctions on the Museveni regime (collectively) and against individuals responsible for the state terror unleashed on August 13, including Gen. Museveni himself.

2. Suspend the $1 billion annual financial assistance to the regime due to the rampant corruption. So egregious is the theft that Gen. Museveni and his Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa are implicated in a money-laundering and bribery case filed by the Justice Department --the trial is ongoing in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Moreover, the Leahy Amendment also prohibits military assistance to, or cooperation with, regimes that commit human rights abuses.

Therefore,  the U.S. must also suspend all military aid to the Museveni dictatorship.


NOTE: If you are in The United States or Canada or can make it to New York City in September when the dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni comes for the United Nations General Assembly, send me your email address to and you will receive details about a press conference and demonstration to protest the U.S. and U.K. aid and assistance to the Museveni criminal tyranny and why it MUST STOP.

Also a new GoFundMe campaign page to support the legal defense and medical care of Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi and the other brutalized Members of Parliament and their families is being created (once approvals of the families are secured) and a new link will be sent out soon for your support.