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Ending the US Travel Ban on Peace-Loving Iranians

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As the president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump has legitimate concerns regarding the safety and security of citizens and residents of America. While we, as Iranians fully understand and appreciate the concerns and responsibility of president Trump to make America safe again, we also maintain the position that Iranians have never ever been involved in any terrorist activity within the United States. Iranian-Americans as admitted by president Trump are among  the most successful immigrants to the United States. While we understand some political differences between our government and the government of the United States, we think that this general ban for Iranians to enter the United States is not fair. Banning 80 million peace-loving Iranians to visit the United States because of political differences is undermining president Trump's benevolent approach to Iranian people. There are millions of Iranians in the United States who can not see their loved ones, thousands of Iranians seeking mecical care and simply many other Iranians who just love to visit the United States. This ban can break families, prevent people to reunite with their loved ones and prevent urgent medical care to some innocent Iranians. As Iranian people, who have always supported peace and never engaged in any terrorist activity inside the United States, we want to ask president Donald Trump to order his administration to reconsider travel ban for Iranians. We think this smart decision  will underscore president Trump's positive approach toward Iranian people who have been a major power source to empower America and have played a significant role in making America the place it is. We think Iranian  scholars will continue to help to Make America Great Again and other Iranians do not deserve to be banned from traveling to the United States. We think that president Trump as a smart person will soon find out that Iranians will not be a threat to the US and welcoming them as tourists or lawful permanent residents will help him to Make America Safe, Great and Wealthy  Again! 

Thank you Mr. President 

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