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My husband and I have been ordered to pay PERMANENT lifelong alimony of $3000 a month, under the antiquated laws of the state of New Jersey.  We have petitioned Governor Chris Christie, who has changed the law by no longer allowing permanent alimony - however this law does not effect all the unfortunate Americans who have been sentenced to permanent alimony before the law was reformed.

The next logical step is to free the prisoners of permanent alimony that have not been released by the changes of law.  We are sick of this ball and chain called permanent alimony weighing us down - and we know there are many other American's out there suffering from the same form of financial bondage, they have written to us with their stories of poverty - due to permanent alimony. 

Recipients of permanent alimony should be the burden of the government and not private citizens.  This is a form of slavery and is the opposite of freedom and the opposite of what America stands for.  The reason most people get divorced is to be free of a partner who is not cooperative or productive - why should the productive partner be punished for life? 

There is no incentive for the alimony recipient to be full and productive, when they receive a check every month.  It encourages laziness.  It is a welfare system, and as such, should be the responsibility of the government. 

When a child reaches the age of 18, financial obligation of the parent is over - how can the financial obligation to an ex-spouse continue indefinitely?  We will not be silenced anymore!  Our voices will be heard. Permanent Alimony is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is UNJUST.  AND JUST PLAIN NOT FAIR!

Thank you for your support!  Let's make America Great Again by putting an end to permanent alimony!

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