Do Not send Helicopters or Military Technical training to Nigeria.

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President Buhari visited United States (4/30/18) requesting assistance to fight Boko Haram. He also denied publicly the genocide of the Tiv People (Benue State, Nigeria) by the hands of the Fulani Herdsmen (Cattle rearers).

The killings of the Tiv People of Benue State are ongoing. The Fulani Herdsmen carry machine guns, semi automatic weapons etc.They kill, maim, rape, butcher the Tiv farmers of Benue State, Nigeria. The Fulani Herdsmen destroy lives and property without any conscience.The Governor has requested for assistance many times from President Buhari to no avail. There are thousands of Tiv People dying of hunger etc in camps in the State of Benue in Nigeria right now. The Fulani herdsmen capture and occupy the villages after the killings. Survivors that escape; women, children, and the very old are now homeless and destitute in their own country!

I am therefore shocked that President Buhari would sit next to the U.S President (the number one super power) and deny the atrocities with a straight face. I am afraid that the military assistance requested may be used to "finish off" the Tiv People!!! I feel it is a pretext to get the assistance to continue the genocide!!! Please help STOP THIS INJUSTICE!!!!