Convicted Sex Offenders Should Not Be Allowed To Be Buried In National Cemeteries

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In 2007-2008 a Coon Rapids man was convicted of criminal sexual misconduct. This man was convicted of molesting three children,  three at least who came forward. There is known history that there are other victims who never came forward. The man spoken of served in the Navy and because of his service he is set to be buried at Fort Snelling Next Friday July 27,2018. Many calls have been made to try and prevent this. The Naval office in D.C in charge of veteran burials, Senator of Minnesota Amy Klobuchar as well as Fort Snelling Administration. Unfortunately at this time we are stuck looking for loopholes because the law is on his side. According to the law a person can only be denied burial in National Cemetery’s for conviction of Capital Crimes, and convictions of Tier Three sex offense which means he had to have faced a life sentence. As understanding as the man at Fort Snelling was he said unfortunately he can’t stop this. We have calls to people higher up the ladder but we need help. We are taking the stance that NO person convicted of sex crimes involving minors should be allowed the honor of being buried in a national cemetery with an honorable send off. Please share this, tweet this, email this. Sign this. We have 8 days to try and make a difference. If we are unable to stop this perhaps we can get motions to change laws to prevent such disgraceful people from receiving such an honorable place of rest.