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Is the USA suicidal? How many more tragedies provoked by assault rifles do we have to suffer before realizing that life is more important than right? No less than 50 people were killed and over 400 injured in less than five minutes by the onslaught of a single person armed with assault rifles.

It is evident that assault rifles should be banned, or at least, strictly controlled, but some argue that they have a constitutional right to bear arms. A right bestowed at a time where people hunted for food. At a time when it took an expert sharpshooter one minute to load and fire a single shot, enough time for most people to take shelter. A time when you lived alone in the middle of nowhere with no means of calling for help and protection.

Since January of 2016, 193 persons have been massacred, 181 of them with semi-automatic rifles.

Since the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre in 1984, there have been 92 massacres perpetrated by 90 males and 3 females. By race, the perpetrators include 54 whites, 15 blacks, 7 Hispanics, 7 Asians, 3 Native Americans, and 8 unspecified.

Of the fifteen massacres of ten or more people, 14 were perpetrated with a semi-automatic rifle and one with a shotgun.

The right to bear arms cannot be more important than the right to live. Ban, or at least, control assault weapons.

Elected officials cannot just be content with argumentative pretzels to rationalize the situation to protect those who finance their campaigns. We are talking about protecting the lives of citizens, not the profits of the weapons industry. 

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