Clemency for Andy Cox sentenced to life in prison for manufacturing Marijuana

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I was indicted for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana  in January of 2005. I went to trial and was convicted for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana over one thousand plants/ seedlings one inch tall. The judge gave me a life sentence. I have  three children  that I miss and Love very much. I never in my life thought you could get life for growing marijuana.  My case is non-violent  and I am the only federal prisoner doing life for growing marijuana. Please ! I need your Support please sign my petition!
Thank You ! Andy Cox

Almost a decade later, as legal pot has swept the country, it’s even harder for Cox to make sense of his life sentence. “It is crazy that in eight states they are growing so much more marijuana that I have ever been accused of,” Cox says. He’d hoped to get clemency from President Obama, but his petition was denied. “There was no violence or victims in my case, except for my family,” Cox says. “I have let them down, and that is not me.” Cox has three kids – the youngest, who was five when he left, just graduated high school.