Change domestic violence rules. Stop abuse of laws by women and women non-profit orgs

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Background: The definition of Domestic Violence is very broad and vague. Many women make false allegations in court of law, in family court. Many times women themselves are perpetrators of domestic violence themselves, but to protect themselves they will make false allegations against men. Current legal system, its meant to protect women and children against real domestic violence and abuse. However, women can claim abuse by just word of mouth and no proof and courts will believe it.

The Problem: In recent times, women and women non-profits abuse these laws for selfish gains. Women often fake and lie, make false allegations to get get out of marriage, to gain upper-hand in custody and divorce battles, to get revenge on their boyfriend/spouse, to protect their immigration status, to get revenge on their boyfriend/spouse,  claim VAWA and other government benefits, etc. False allegations of domestic violence, physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, financial or physiological abuse, harassment, stalking, rape, etc are easy to make without any proof...but it ruins a man's life. It destroys men.

Even President Trump was not spared of it  during his elections by false allegations! Women non-profits support these unscrupulous women and their lies in the name of women empowerment without any investigations. It's a old-school thought that all men are bad and abuse women. That's absolutely not true! This thinking needs to be changed. Wrongful accusations and abuse of legal system by women must be stopped.

Men can fight the legal battle, but they are helpless and almost always a losing battle. Men's voice and cries never gets heard! No one wants to believe men victims of domestic violence and abuse. Most men do not speak up because of their male ego and humiliation of being victimized by women. With all the bias towards women, all the talk about women's empowerment, gender equality and support of women/feminist organizations who blindly support women without any get crucified almost always. Men have no support system like women. Men cannot lie or shed tears in court like women. A women can perpetrate worst violence, or just claim the guy pushed her or hit her and the court will grant retraining orders against them erring on the safe side, but destroying men's lives, affecting their employment, career and mental health.

Women, women organizations, feminists and even the court system tend to gang up against men and men made to shut up or sit down or be faced with dire consequences. The abuse of the court system by women and women non-profits like Nextdoor Solutions,,, etc must be stopped. The laws need to be changed. The modus operandi of women organizations need to be changed.

Proposed Change: The laws need to be changed to be fair and just, to stop women from abusing the court systems. Few proposals I have are:

  1. Decriminalize domestic violence (child abuse included) in cases where it does not cause "substantial bodily harm or rape" and does not occur more than once a year. Substantial abuse must be reported within 30 days, supported by evidences (witnesses, police reports, doctor visits, treatment received, etc), otherwise, its hearsay. Family conflicts, yelling out, speaking loud or getting angry does "not necessarily constitute domestic violence.". This change will stop women from making false allegations and abusing the legal system.
  2. Implement penalties and domestic violence (child abuse included) tickets, and national database like traffic tickets. Penalties for domestic violence that does not cause "significant bodily harm or rape" include: minimum fine of $1000, mandatory domestic violence classes, counseling, couples counseling and some hours of community service. After paying penalties and completing mandated classes, etc. the perpetrator's name get dropped from the national registry.
  3. Perpetrators of domestic violence (man or woman) get served domestic violence ticket and penalties as mentioned above. This will help reduce incidence of domestic violence and prevent many marriages ending in divorce and kids being deprived of families. It will help victims voice their problems, protect themselves and fix the problems before drastic measures.
  4. Stop funding women's non-profits like Nextdoor Solutions,,, etc who blindly support any women walking into their office with a story. Stop funding them with tax-payer money. Make it mandatory for these organization to investigate and to provide counseling services before getting restraining orders on baseless allegations. Such non-profits should stop assuming women's story is true, leading them to divorce court, protection orders, etc and making it worse for men.
  5. Penalize women's organizations and attorneys who repeatedly abuse the laws and the court system filing frivolous and false allegations of abuse. Stop their funding, suspend their operating licenses and impose hefty penalties to fund restitution of victims of wrongful accusations. This will stop non-profits and unethical attorneys from abusing the system.

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