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All Patient's Rights for Pain Relief

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Paitents in every state who have legitimate Cronic Pain are being grouped together with drug addicts. Stop the abusers. It is plainly cruel and heartless to allow people who have medical issues that leave them in almost constant high level of pain to remain in such  horrible situations. Without effective medication.  While they haven't done anything wrong or illegal.  I am a member of the group MyCronicPain. Where we are being told by Dr's, PA's that it is going to be almost impossible to receive opioid medication due to the widespread abuse of them by other people.  Not the paitent but other people. How can you be punished for another person's actions? This is NOT right. Please tell our governmental law makers and Health Professionals that the person committing the abuse is the criminal and should be treated as such. Not the paitent who has done nothing to deserve this.  

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