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End Unconstitutional participation in the United Nations "strong cities network"

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In 2015-2016,Barak Hussain Obama along with former Attorney General,Loretta Lynch,unilaterally began a program known as "the strong cities network". This program allows foreign troops and advisors from the United Nations,on United States soil,to advise,establish bases of operations in local municipalities,and enforce mandates/rulings in direct contradiction to the United States constitution and bill of rights. 

Former President Barak Obama usurped authority,given only to the United States Congress and Senate in the following ways:

1) Entering into a treaty with what is essentially a foreign body or power,without approval,ratification or even advise and consent from congress. This is a criminal act

2) Former President Barrak Obama,along with former Attorney General,Loretta Lynch essentially allowed a foreign military troops and equipment to freely enter sovereign United States territory,posing a direct threat to our national security and the United States citizenship as a whole. In direct violation of US law and with authority Barak Obama did NOT have.

We the people demand this program be immediately discontinued,any and all United Nations offensive weaponry be immediately removed from United States soil within the next 60days. We the people also demand United Nations peacekeeping troops be immediately removed off of United States soil,and any further foreign troops allowed on US soil be kept at level of no more than 1000. 

This is a direct threat to United States sovereignty,our constitution,and every citizen of the United States. These foreign Troops on US soil,are not accountable to the United States Constitution,our bill of rights and are seen by the American citizenry,as a foreign threat to our Republic. Recent events from the United Nations as a whole,has shown immense hostility to our culture,our laws,our constitution and our sovereignty as a whole. Repeated threats from the United Nations against western democracy as a whole,from a foreign body who is not accountable to our citizens. 



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