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Let's Recognize the U.S. Merchant Marine of WWII when Honoring Veterans!

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Forgotten Veterans: Contributions of Merchant Marines are often overlooked at Veterans Day tributes, Memorial Day and completely ignored by the NFL, MLB, NHL and more! They are not civilian veterans as many believe.

  • Due to strategic reasons, the deadly job of the combat veterans Merchant Marine of WWII were kept quiet by the government.
  • Historians are now realizing the depth of their role in winning WWII. They were attacked even before the war started and were present on D-Day and also involved at Normandy Beach. Most of their work was done un-escorted and unarmed until the US Navy Armed Guard came aboard their ships. 
  • Veterans Day leaves the remaining MMWWII standing after military songs are played for all other branches. Band masters are not required to play "Heave Ho" the official song of the USMM.
  • FDR declared that he wanted the Merchant Marine declared another Armed Forces but died before he could do this. 
  • A 6th grader cried when his grandfather who came to school with him to be honored on a Veterans Day program but was not recognized. 

Did you know that 8,000 tons of cargo were transported every hour of every day for the duration of the war? The US Merchant Marine of WWII supplied 97% of all ALLIED munitions. Every ALLIED Country provided bonuses for their merchant navy EXCEPT  the United States, the greatest country of them all!  Their 43 years of not receiving veterans benefits, no disability, no college assistance, no home loan assistance, should be awarded in a small bonus for the remaining 2300 WWII Veterans yet Congress has failed to pass these bills over 12 years. Even the Congressional Gold Medal was denied them just last year and given to ANOTHER COUNTRY!  We must demand that at all Veterans Day events and celebrations, tributes and memorials that the US Merchant Marine flag be flown and music played for these Veterans before it is too late! If our government won't remember them...IT IS UP TO US! We must stop this insanity and recognize the Merchant Marine of WWII who have DD214 (Honorable Discharge) just like every other member of the Armed Forces. Stand up and be counted as someone who proudly defend the Honor of the Merchant Marine of WWII. Let no MMWWII Veteran remain standing waiting for his song to be played!  We must take action by signing and sharing this petition. You can also sign this US Navy League message to Congress:

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