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President Tump, the people of Venezuela need your help freeing themselves from Communism.

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Dear Mr. President,

Venezuela, one of the largest oil producing nations and a stable democracy for decades, was invaded by communist Cuba and have endured one of the worst oppresive governments the world has ever known.  Cuba and their Venezuelan client narco-terrorist regime, are a menace to the region and to the United States.  Importantly, this is a little known fact: Venezuela is a forward post and training ground for middle eastern terrorism.  

The US media have not given this matter the attention it needs and deserves:  For weeks, millions of unarmed people have been peacefully marching on the streets of nearly every city and town in Venezuela, clamoring for human rights, free elections and international community assistance. 

Literally, millions of men, women and children are being shot at, tortured, gassed, many unarmed citizens have been killed by armed thugs, indoctrinated and led by the Cuban military. There is no food, no medicines or any of the bare necesities of life.  People are literally eating from garbage dumps.

Previous attempts at negociation and dialogue have failed multiple times. The regime's only response is more repression. more bullets, more indiscriminate gas attacks on the population...  

We ask the US stop all purchases of Venezuelan oil, which provide the regime the wherewithal to beef up their repressive machine against the people.  

This is a tragic humanitarian disaster!

Mr. President, Venezuela is very close to the US, just a short 4 hour flight from Miami.  They were a stable democracy for decades and an ally to the US, before falling pray to communism by mock elections.  The US has always stood with people struggling for Freedom and Human Rights.  The people of Venezuela urgently need our support.  

Thank you!


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