President Trump, your "kung-flu" joke was offensive, pathetic -- and racist.

President Trump, your "kung-flu" joke was offensive, pathetic -- and racist.

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President Trump, your “kung-flu” joke was offensive, pathetic -- and racist.
At his campaign rally in Tulsa on Saturday, June 20, President Trump referred to COVID-19 as the “kung flu,” an apparent effort to distract from the deadliness of the coronavirus.  At the same time, President Trump’s crude attempt at humor in Tulsa has the effect of scapegoating Chinese and other Asians, and Americans of Asian Pacific descent, for a pandemic in which the United States leads the world in the number of confirmed cases due to his misrule and lack of leadership.
Since the beginning of the “kung flu,” “Wuhan virus,” and “China virus” references by President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo, reported virus-related hate attacks, ethnic slurs, and harassment incidents against Asian Pacific Americans have been on the rise.  Blaming innocent people for COVID-19 on the basis of race or ethnic identity is racist, and encouraging racist jokes at the expense of Asian Pacific Americans is disgraceful and dangerous. 
President Trump, stop making Asian Pacific Americans the targets of racist jokes.  And have the decency to apologize for using racist language to divide the American people.

Michael Woo, Former Los Angeles City Councilman

Judy Chu, Member of Congress

Betty Yee, California State Controller

David Chiu, California Assemblymember (Chair of CA API Legislative Caucus)

David Ryu, Los Angeles City Councilmember (President, League of California Cities API Caucus)

Peter Chan, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Monterey Park [President, Chinese Elected Officials (CEO)]

Mike Fong, Board Member, Los Angeles Community College District

Thomas Wong, Board President, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

Nicole Wong, Former U.S. Deputy Chief Information Officer, 2013-14

Albert C. Lum, Founding President, Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association

Mike Eng, Former California Assemblymember

Barbara Takei, Chief Financial Officer, Tule Lake Committee

Kenyon Chan, Chancellor Emeritus, University of Washington, Bothell

Stewart Kwoh, Founder, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles

Dale Minami, Chair, CAPA21

Munson Kwok, Past National President, Chinese American Citizens Alliance

Charlie Woo, Chair, Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE)

Annie Lam, Executive Director, League of California Cities API Caucus

LInda Akutagawa, President and CEO, Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP)