Normality After Covid-19 aka Coronavirus

Normality After Covid-19 aka Coronavirus

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It is my and others wholehearted belief that during the massive outbreak of Covid-19 as it began to spread around the world that many nation's if not every single last one of them in unison can agree that the world has become without a single doubt in both mine and everyone's mind a world of both emotional separation and heartless restrictions to the most common activities that once made us very human such as; crowded both public and private events, to be closer than six feet apart, able to openly kiss and hug your loved ones, the common handshake, movie theaters, elections, and many many more that just seem so wrong to cut off permanently from our reality.

What have we truly accomplished in this pandemic other than spread fear of common human interaction? Everyone now has half their face covered, an appearance that we all once had a normal response in believing they were some sort of criminal waiting to commit a heinous act and now due to our new sad outlook on life we can no longer tell them apart from 90% of the people in the world.

Tell me what you know for certain was the last expression you saw on anyone's face; did you think it was negative when it was actually positive or vice versa? Did you see any signs of illness from them or were not able to? Not even able to identify perhaps a cancerous or infectious mark that they could not see themselves before it was too late? With these face masks we have now destroyed our most human emotion: expression. It is a very sad day in any nation when a text can provide one with a better sense of how they are feeling and whether or not you should talk to them or not. Where are our clear masks for this?

America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, China, North and South Korea, every single last beautiful country on God's green and blue earth please listen to the silenced word of the people and make it quiet no longer. Tell everyone you want to embrace them again, to share your food, to share your medicine, to share your love. You are proud to be living for nostalgia as you should be and denounce this immoral new reality of separation and fear of human interaction that has been common since mankind took its first step in many eons ago. Do not be afraid to wish for more; you are a proud citizen, you are a deserving citizen, you are human and are not afraid to show off your humanity.

We are the people who are proud to call ourselves true men, women, and all fantastic others of this world that was blessed onto us by lord in Heaven above! Thank you all! Stay strong and do not lose hope, your old reality is coming back faster than you think. Amen!